A letter to the Oklahoma Governor. Re: Removing all vaccine exemptions for children and adults.

5930 East 31st
Suite 600
Tulsa OK 74135

7012 2210 0001 2370 1894

May 17, 2016

Governor Mary Fallin
Oklahoma State Capitol
2300 N Lincoln Blvd
Room 212
Oklahoma City OK 73105

Governor Fallin:

I have been following this HB 3016 that, if you had signed it, would have required that physicians had to supply a four page informed consent form to the parents of a child when vaccinations were being recommended or administered. As reported in the Tulsa World newspaper you vetoed the bill because Dr. Ervin Yen and your other consulting physicians, Dr’s Switzer and Wilber, stated that requiring this informed consent information “could have led to confusion among parents and reduce the immunization rate.” Yen then added that “the list of ingredients is confusing and could deter parents from getting immunizations.” So Yen advocates misleading parents by omission of facts.

I want to state here before you get into the contents of this letter that I am not anti-vaccination. I am for educating parents and the public in general so that any decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate is a fully informed decision on the part of the parent or the individual. That includes you also Governor Fallin to have a choice as to what is injected into your body.

Before I comment on this veto more I need to be sure you are aware that Yen is apparently not informing you as to his full agenda here. I have discussed Yen’s intentions with several pharmaceutical representatives and they have explained to me that the rumor going around is that the pharmaceutical lobbyist are going thru Yen’s senatorial back door and they are cooking up this scheme to remove all exemptions. Recently Yen created a house bill that would remove the majority of exemptions and parental choice for childhood vaccinations. When it failed, the Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice (OVHC) created this HB 3016 and Yen and a few other of his comrades advised you to veto it.

What I would ask of you is that you become aware of Yen’s bigger picture here…as it well could have a devastating effect on you personally, your family, your staff and as well as your staff member(s) who are screening this letter for you.

Yen isn’t just interested in eliminating all the vaccine exemptions ONLY for children…his goal is apparently to eventually remove all exemptions for adults also…including you Governor. That’s right, just as is being done in California. If he can accomplish that it would be quite a pharmaceutical vaccination feather in his scrub cap, and, according to some pharmaceutical reps, the pharmaceutical industry will most likely somehow reward him handsomely. Could be trips, lobbyist position, a plaque to hang on the wall…something to get the brown off his nose…

If Yen is eventually successful at removing all exemptions for children and adults then Yen’s success will create a huge problem for you governor. When he is successful then that will mean that all children and adults will have to get current on ALL vaccinations…Again, that includes you Governor, and your husband and your children and your staff and their families as well as the staff members screening this letter for you…and on and on and on.

If you allow Yen to be successful with this pharmaceutical industries plan then I would then pray, and expect, that you being the governor of Oklahoma would set a good example for all of us and gather up your family and staff as well as Dr.’s Yen, Switzer and Wilber, and all of you line up in the capitol building rotunda with the press present and do a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the ending of exemptions and to celebrate that ALL CHILDREN AND ALL ADULTS have to become fully vaccinated…and then set a good example for the citizens of Oklahoma and immediately all of you, including you Governor Fallin, and those supporting physicians, all roll up your sleeves and all of you immediately get those 30 to 60 vaccinations that would bring all of you current on your vaccine schedules. I cannot think of a better way to set an example for all to follow. Just think how empowering that would be for all the citizens of Oklahoma.

And guess what…in case you have forgotten…after getting those 30 to 60 needle shots of vaccines…thanks to Yen and his comrades…you will have absolutely no knowledge of what was just injected into you due to your veto of HB 3016 which took away your right to informed consent. In addition to being unaware of the vaccine ingredients you will also be unaware of any toxins or serious allergens or other contaminants or preservatives found in the vaccines and you will not be aware of any of the numerous documented side effects. Some of you who will be injected will surly experience side effects but then Yen will of course be there to console (con) you and tell you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about that it is all just coincidence.

If you had not vetoed HB 3016 then you would have some insight as to some of the ingredients and side effects from the 30 to 60 vaccine injections you will be exposed to. To give you a little insight I will quote from the product insert information that is included with each vile of the various vaccination solutions that all physicians are supposed to read and use to inform parents with.

Here is what will be injected directly into your body? I will share with you here just a few of those ingredients that will be injected directly into your body. You will be injected with vaccine solutions containing, but not limited to, formaldehyde, aluminum, aborted fetal tissue, mercury, thimerosal, live viruses, bacteria, monkey kidney tissue, mercury, mouse serum protein, Bovine serum, human serum, hexadecyltrimethylammonium Bromide, porcine gelatin, antibiotics, egg albumin, thimerosal, and glutaraldehyde.

Then there are those numerous and often reported side effect as also documented by the product insert that comes with each vial of the vaccine. A partial list would include seizures, allergic reactions, diarrhea, fever, joint pain, autism, hemorrhage, urinary tract infection, SIDS, blood in stool, lethargy, death, vomiting, arthralgia, respiratory illness.

Again, these are just partial lists of ingredients and known side effects. Unfortunately you vetoed HB 3016 that would have given you, and your staff, and parents a more complete list of ingredients and known side effects. Also, those vaccines injection ingredients you will be rolling up your sleeve for have not been FDA approved and they have no long term testing and they have not been tested for allergens or toxicity, and they are not weight/dose specific. A 20 pound child gets the same dose as a 150 pound man or woman.

So your veto of HB 3016, if YOU allow Yen to have his way, can and will eventually will come back to bite you on the rear. You will have no one to blame other than yourself. If you wind up experiencing some of these most likely side effects as you get current on your NOW REQUIRED vaccinations…don’t go wining to Yen and your other self-serving medical advisors and they will deny a connection and just chalk it up to coincidence…and guess what, they don’t have a vaccination for coincidence yet…but I bet they are working on it.

As for Yen and Dr.’s Switzer and Wilber’s comments, as reported in the Tulsa World newspaper, to support the denial to informed parental consent… I was quite disturbed by these comments from these medical professionals. If you will study professional ethics and the State Medical Act of Oklahoma as well as professional liability insurance policies requirements, it is mandatory that any treating practitioner has to fully disclose any procedure or treatment information, the positives and the negatives, without fail…prior to providing that treatment or service. Yen and these other physicians have advised you to deny full informed consent and that is not only in violation of The State Medical Act of Oklahoma but is also grossly unethical and would and could open themselves up, and possibly you Governor, to professional discipline as well as medical malpractice suits.

As a dentist, my professional liability insurance carrier requires that I have to submit to them all of my written informed consent forms to them for approval before they will insure me. When someone goes to a medical facility for even the most minor procedures they are given lengthy informed consent forms to read and sign and they are encouraged to ask any and all questions so they can make a fully informed decision. They are instructed that if they do not feel fully informed they are to continue to question or not accept the treatment until they feel they have been adequately informed.

The question now is why Yen and Switzer and Wilber are wanting to dispose of this ethical and mandatory requirement of informed consent for a medical procedure that has known negative and serious side effects…what are they trying to hide. So let’s take a closer look at Yen.

Dr. Ervin Yen is a cardiac anesthesiologist, he is NOT an immunologist. Yen’s specialty training is NOT in immunology but instead he is trained specifically in cardiac anesthesiology and possibly just a very small smidgen of immunology while in his beginning medical school studies.

An immunologist is a medical specialist who works with the immune system, the system in the body responsible for protecting it from infection and disease. The branch of medical science that this individual works in is known as immunology. The field requires an understanding of a variety of scientific fields, chief among them biology and chemistry.

A Ph.D. or M.D. is required to become an immunologist, with the specific degree required depending on the area of work. In the US, the American Board of Allergy and Immunology certifies these professionals.

When someone talks about an immunologist, he is usually thinking of the specialist who works in hospitals and medical offices, treating patients. This type of doctor holds a medical degree as either a general practice physician or pediatrician, but has specialized training in immunology. This medical professional will typically treat patients with autoimmune disorders or complicated allergies.
An allergist/immunologist is a medical doctor with specialty training in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases, asthma and diseases of the immune system. To become an allergist/immunologist, a person must attend college (4 years) and medical school (4 years), and undergo residency training in either internal medicine or pediatrics (3 years each). The physician then must pass a difficult exam to become board-certified in either of these fields.
Once board-certified, the internist or pediatrician may decide to obtain additional specialty training in allergy and immunology, called a fellowship (2 years). An allergist/immunologist who is board-certified has also passed an additional examination showing competence in the fields of allergy and immunology.
Yen is not even in the immunology ballpark educationally to be qualified to practice immunology or to give vaccine medical advice. His claims to give vaccination advice is also unethical considering his training, or actually lack of training. To do so means that he is practicing outside the scope of his anesthesiology specialty. Not only is it unethical to practice outside the scope of a professional specialty license it could also be considered to be in violation of The State Medical Act of Oklahoma ad well as a malpractice liability.

Even if Yen was a board certified immunologist he still has absolutely NO constitutional right to tell me or any person what they should be required to have injected into their body or the body of their children…especially when informed consent is not only ignored but hidden from view.

As a legislator, he should be upholding the constitution and he violates more than one amendment by attempting to remove choice. Specifically, the first amendment guarantees that I (we) have the right to practice our faith. My faith in a Creator who makes a perfect body with a fully capable immune system is one of my (our) core beliefs.

Yen has proudly acknowledged that he is getting his vaccination knowledge from CNN reports and from bits of information that is handpicked by his nonmedical senatorial staff. Did you get that? Yen acknowledges that his vaccination knowledge did not come from any medical training but from CNN and his nonmedical staff. If you doubt this comment of his, it has all been recorded on video at the November 2015 OVHC public forum in Tulsa. It looks like that all that has happened is that the vaccine pharmaceutical lobbyist used their pass key and came in thru his senatorial back door and the pharmaceutical lobbyist are just taking advantage of his doctor strutting ego trip. Based on many comments Yen has made it is clear that he is simply a very amateur “immunologist.” Dr.’s Switcher and Wilber, due to their lack of an immunology specialty, also qualify to just be amateurs.

Yen has a serious glamour issue and he arrogantly struts around looking down his nose at anyone who questions him and just says he is a “doctor” and “anyone who isn’t a doctor is just unknowledgeable layperson.” Yen seems to think that if one is a “doctor” that they are all knowing and what Yen is apparently not aware of is that a doctor knows less about medicine than what they do know about medicine. That’s why there are specialist. It is extremely unlikely for a cardiac gas passer to know as much as a board certified immunologist. Yen cannot be a cardiac anesthesiologist and an immunologist both. If I were to ask an immunologist medical doctor what he/she thought about Yen’s immunology vaccination expertise, I would expect that immunologist to chuckle and refer to Yen as just a medically amateur layperson. Or, you might consider how you would like it if you, Governor Fallin, were a cardiac patient being wheeled into a cardiac surgical suite and learned that an immunologist was to be the one to administer your cardiac anesthesia…after all, according to Yen, that immunologist would be qualified because he/she is a “doctor.”

After witnessing the November 12, 2015 public forum in Tulsa where Yen presented his pseudo knowledge it was quite obvious that the participants of the Oklahomans For Vaccine Choice are vastly more honestly knowledgeable of the vaccine adverse health effects than Yen will ever admit to due to his arrogance and his emphatically acknowledged refusal to honestly study the scientific facts surrounding the science of vaccination problems.

In his senatorial political campaign Yen has stated that he “understands all too well the problems facing our health care system due to ever-increasing regulations and federal overreach.” Yen has also stated that he wants “to create a healthcare system that works for Oklahoma patients, not big governmental”…I wonder if Yen knows how to spell hypocritical?

Governor Fallin, I pray you will wake up to the fact that Yen, according to my pharmaceutical reps information has a very personal self-serving agenda here. To deny a parent or patient the right to information and to get a full informed consent from that individual is grossly unethical and possibly criminal. If you doubt it, contact the Oklahoma Medical Board or any professional liability carrier.

I don’t have any idea just how the legislative process works but I would pray that you cease to listen to those consultants of yours that are beholden to the pharmaceutical industry. The Tulsa World article (04-30-16) identifies Dr. Switzer as being the president of the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Dr. Wilber as the president of the Oklahoma County Medical Society. I want you to know that these prestigious (?) titles for Switzer and Wilber carry absolutely no credibility for me at all…not even a smidge of creditability. I know out of my experience of over 40 years in dentistry that to be elected to these presidencies is merely a popularity contest and has nothing to do with knowledge of the facts. Often doctors are elected to these positions simply because no one else wants to do the job. And, the one most important issue to be elected is that one be a good old boy/gal. You have to be a yes man/woman to get that “status” (?) and do as the higher ups tell you to do even if you know different.

A good example is myself. Because of my long term opposition to inserting toxic mercury into teeth and due to my long term opposition to injecting a phosphate fertilizer industrial toxic waste chemical, fluorosilicic acid, into the public drinking water it would be a record setting cold day in hell before the dental establishment ever awarded me any honor other than the denigration currently awarded me.

Dr.’s Yen, Switzer and Wilber are either intentionally misleading you or simply lack accurate knowledge as it is well documented that vaccines are causing more deaths and disabilities every year than the disease(s) ever would. If vaccines are so safe why are the vaccine producers totally exempt from any liability for harm? Have you thought about that Governor?

Fortunately there are many ethical and honorable physicians who understand the truthful vaccine science and respect the parents and patients right to full informed consent. However, chances are that you may never meet them as Dr.’s Yen, Switzer, Wilber and the pharmaceutical lobbyist coming in thru your back door like a swarm of locust and will, as usual, just viciously denigrate those ethical physicians.

So if you want to continue to buy into Yen’s con job then be prepared to eventually have to roll up your sleeve for those multiple vaccines you will be required, by law, to have to have injected into your body…and when and if you experience and adverse health effects…tough…you will be on your own.

I would encourage you to listen closely to the members of the OVHC as they are not beholden to the pharmaceutical industry as Yen, Switzer and Wilber. To deny them and other citizens to be intentionally deprived of the knowledge and ingredients and adverse health effects of vaccination is inhumane. And, don’t forget, if Yen and his comrades are successful…you too Ms. Governor, will have to roll up your sleeve.

I pray that you will find a way to reverse your veto of HB 3016…not only for your protection, but for mine and all the citizens of Oklahoma, even those children that too young to vote Yen out of office.

Jim Maxey DDS

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