Belief is the enemy of knowing.

Belief is the enemy of knowing.”
― Crrow777

The vast majority of people seem to be stuck in the insidious cycle of belief. To be clear, belief is not “knowing” and “knowing” does not require belief. Knowing is a state of understanding and belief is a choice.

Belief for many people is a thing that is adopted without investigation or critical thought. Once an individual has adopted a belief, on any topic, an insidious thing happens that is much leveraged within the system of control. The fact of the matter is that once belief is fully adopted, critical thinking no longer occurs. How can it? Belief dictates that the idea is now accepted and needs no further, or often, no initial assessment of value or fact. Belief is among the mightiest of tools wielded in knowing hands and ensures that reality will escape the view of the majority of people the system has trapped. This is a nearly insurmountable problem for most people as human beings are taught to believe in a never ending river of topics that begins before speech is even fully developed in babies. It is the natural way of things and this too is a view of “truths protective layers” hard at work ensuring the systems of control remains hidden to the average mind. After all, the freedom that has been taken from us is denied us by the manipulation of our minds. Though this next statement is now cliché, it is none the less true – the system of control we are talking about is enforced and insured by maintaining – “a prison for your mind.” The bars of that prison are “belief”.

Even though we live in an age of deception, truth will never require that we defend it to ensure its survival. Truth will exist if we defend or deny it. Truth will exist even if we do not understand or recognize it.

Belief is the enemy of knowing and it is now time to know and in this, belief plays no part.

In Lies We Trust

When truth becomes conspiracy, reality becomes an illusion.

The world as we know it, is an illusion based on lies and deceit.

If the world seems insane, it’s because it is run by insane people.

Good guys finish last, so where do you think all the bad guys are.

Money makes the world go round, so money talks and people can be bought.

Jobs at all cost, cost us all.

So stop going along to get along, because it is wrong and it does cost us all.

They say (the psychopaths) there is a sucker born everyday.

Blind trust will be humanities undoing, so stop be-LIE-ving blindly and question everything.

They lie and we be-LIE-ve, because we trust.

Stop trusting and be-LIE-ving anything that is mainstream. It’s all being manipulated.

So start knowing and stop be-LIE-ving. Do your own research.

You may think you are free, but really you are only free to conform.

We were all born into slavery. Freedom is nothing more than an illusion.

Truth is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Knowing the truth will set you free.

Ignorance is not bliss, it is how we are all being used and abused.

People say they love their (grand)children.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

This world is in a sad state of affairs and needs fixing.

We all have free will and you are not powerless.

We can choose to sit idly by, while the world crumbles around us

or we can all grab a cause and get involved.

If we all joined in one cause, we could change the world overnight.

Be the change you want to see.

“It does not take an army to fight evil.

All it takes is for individuals to do one good deed at the time.”

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing”

So if you do nothing, nothing will happen.

Alone we have the power of none, but together we have the power of “ONE”

You can make a difference now by sharing this message.

Deal with reality, before it deals with you.


Psychopaths Rule Our Entire World – Politicians and Bankers are all Psychopaths

The Hidden Evil is a psychopathic program which exists in a society controlled by psychopaths. The World Is Run By Real Psychopaths

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