Peckham et al. Thyroid Study: A Step in the Right Direction

Promoters of water fluoridation always attempt to limit the debate to teeth, whilst opponents of fluoridation fight to broaden the debate beyond this narrow bandwidth. This war has played out on an epic scale for decades.

A recent study appearing in J Epidemiol Community Health has added fuel to the fire. The authors concluded:

“In many areas of the world, hypothyroidism is a major health concern and in addition to other factors—such as iodine deficiency—fluoride exposure should be considered as a contributing factor. The findings of the study raise particular concerns about the validity of community fluoridation as a safe public health measure.”

To anyone who is familiar with the anti-fluoridation side of the debate, the findings of this study come as no surprise. As we all know, the US National Research Council stated in 2006:

“Evidence of several types indicates that fluoride affects normal endocrine…

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