Paul McGuire: ‘We’re In A Spiritual War’


Paul McGuire:  'We're In A Spiritual War'

Paul McGuire addresses advance of Satan’s minions in SATANIC BLACK MASS AT HARVARD, SATANIC MONUMENT IN OKLAHOMA.” McGuire first describes recent public displays at Harvard and in Oklahoma City: “The Satanic Temple con- ducted a Satanic Black Mass at Harvard University and members of the Satanic Temple have un- veiled their design for a seven foot tall statue of Satan, whom the Satanists sometimes call ‘Baphomet.’ [picture]  They want to place it at the Capitol building in Oklahoma, next to a monument of the Ten Commandments. The Baphomet statue being constructed by the Satanic Temple is a symbol that has been associated with the occult going back before the Knights Templar. Eliphas Levi, who wrote ‘Dogmas and Rituals in High Magic’ in 1856, included an image of Baphomet and ‘The Sabbatic Goat,’ which was depicted as a winged, humanoid goat. Going back to the ancient god Mendes, which…

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