9/11 As Mass Ritual – S. K. Bain


9/11 As Mass Ritual - S. K. Bain

S. K. Bain, author of The Most Dangerous Book In The World,” instructs symbol illiterate, i.e., modern rationalistic-scientific man on 9/11 Mega Occult Ritual – Global Black Mass!    Aleister Crowley is the guest of honor on 9/11, Bain persuades listeners in 20 minute You Tube video, 9/11 AS Mass Ritual – S. K. Bain,”  with numbers involved – 11, 77, 93, 175 – AKA  occult signatures – all evident on fateful day.  Bain argues 9/11 was also Psy Op and Dark Comedy to shepherd and mock the herd. Korean Flight 85 was forced to land in White Horse, Yukon on 9/11, constituting a tip of hat to Crowley, who was addicted to heroin.  White Horse is a slang name used for heroin.

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