So Autism Has Risen Another 30% in two years to 1 in 68. Who Cares?

Moving Autism Forward by Team TACA

dr bob sears 2014 pic

By Dr Bob Sears

The reason we don’t have to care is because autism has ALWAYS been this common. There’s no real rise; we’ve just gotten better at diagnosing it. The government and many health experts are very adamant about this “fact” because, if word gets out that autism is truly on the rise, people are going to start wondering “why?” And, God forbid, if people actually realize there’s a real epidemic, instead of simply an outbreak of good diagnosticians, then they are going to get very concerned.

So, what happens when too many concerned people band together to try to effect change? The government listens. Or it doesn’t. What happens when it doesn’t? We are finding that out now. People start theorizing on their own as to why autism has risen so dramatically. And we wouldn’t want that, because people will come up with some really crazy theories as…

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