I Smell What They Are Cooking, And So Can You!

Jacobs Full-Spectrum

If you’ve ever wondered how, why and when a world government would be implemented then this article is certainly what you should read.

I was wondering what the topic should be of the first post of the new Jacobs Full-Spectrum website, but it only required me to log in to my Facebook account and read the news feeds to immediately find the perfect topic:

  • “Canada’s Former Defense Minister Says Space Aliens Live Among Us, But Hate Our Nukes”Rawstory.com, January 6, 2014
  • “If We Down at Least One UFO We’ll Be Facing an Interstellar War – Former Defense Minister of Canada”RT, December 30, 2013

Many people have already heard about Paul Hellyer, the Former Defense Minister of Canada. He’s the politician who claims that aliens, off-Earth beings, are among us and that we need to establish a new kind of society. For those who put any faith…

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