Stunning 9/11 Video Reveals “Missile” Emerging From South Tower

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

911 Fake Plane the-plane-does-not-fit

Sober analysis concludes the image of an aircraft fuselage emerging from the South Tower was a product of image editing more sophisticated than Photoshop.  This Hollywood studio trick was intended to impress the average, naive viewer that a fragile,  thin-skinned aluminum aircraft could actually survive a trip through structural steel to emerge unscathed out the other side.  This is an excerpt from one of several videos captured from different cameras showing what is intended to look like the aircraft fuselage emerging intact from the South Tower.

Video examination of the B-767 fuselage surviving an impossible trip through the South Tower to emerge miraculously intact out the other side.

In this contrived video sequence below, several different cameras appear to capture the fuselage exiting the South Tower.  This may seem convincing until we confront the physical impossibility of this event – revealing how every network cooperated to manufacture the story…

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