How have you used your healing power?

the biology of belief

How have you used your healing power?

Let’s talk about the innate and healing power of the human system, for it is really true that we are powerful beings…we can walk across fire, drink poisons and play with poisonous vipers, all with no negative consequences!  When we hear about a mother lifting a car up to free her child, we make that special situation, an exception or more likely, a “miracle.”  However, miracles are a way of life in worlds where people see such events as a normal.

Some ask – Do we appear to be fragile? Why don’t we see and hear more about these above abilities in people’s lives?

Remember that all of our abilities are based upon our awareness.  Almost everyone has been programmed with limitations, especially during their youth.  These limiting programs control us the rest of our lives.  In training a baby elephant, they are…

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