A Repeat Of The Late 1970’s – This Time Blamed On Global Warming

Real Science

The late 1970’s were very cold in the US, while warm and dry on the leftist coast. Jerry Brown was governor of California and they suffered a terrible drought, which he blamed on global cooling.

ScreenHunter_1417 Jul. 29 23.22ScreenHunter_1419 Jul. 29 23.23

Jerry Brown is still governor, and blames the current drought on global warming.

ScreenHunter_1421 Jul. 29 23.24

The winters of 1977-1979 were among the coldest in US history, and were due to global cooling.

ScreenHunter_4458 Nov. 09 09.37

It appears that we are headed into a sequence of similarly cold winters, which are being blamed on global warming.

ScreenHunter_4459 Nov. 09 09.44

There was also a large expansion of  Arctic sea ice in the late 1970’s, which Mark Serreze cleverly hides by pretending there wasn’t any satellite data before 1979.

ScreenHunter_3434 Oct. 08 07.04

We appear to be doing a repeat of 1977-1979 – only this time experts call it “global warming” and in the 1970’s they called it “global cooling.”


In other words, most climatologists have absolutely no clue what they are talking about…

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