What do you think about Gaia Theory and what is it?

the biology of belief

I am fully behind the Gaia theory created by James Lovelock.  The data reveals that the planet influences life and that life influences the planet.  Living organism are responsible for regulating the gases in the atmosphere and that these gases control the Earth’s temperature and protect it from the harmful radiation from the sun.

Because we have changed the organisms (plants and animals) that make up Nature, we have changed the atmosphere and are altering the temperatures and water balance on Earth. As a result of damaging the environment, we have caused changes in global climate.  These changes are now affecting the growth of crops and animals that we depend on for our lives.  The food shortages and death of environments (such as coral reefs, the creation of deserts and destruction of farm land are altering the planet and threatening our own extinction.

Near you, the Aral Sea is almost…

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