Fluoride in The Body – What it does

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WHAT HAPPENS to fluoride once it has entered the human body? To answer this question one of two methods is usually used.

In one the total quantity of fluoride consumed over a given period from all food and drink is measured and compared with the amounts of fluoride eliminated through the kidneys and bowels. This approach, however, is only partially reliable because some fluoride leaves the body with sweat, saliva, and tears, all of which are difficult to collect. The procedure was first reported in 1891 by two German pharmacologists, J. Brandl and H. Tappeiner, who over the course of 21 months fed slightly more than 14 ounces (403 g) of sodium fluoride to a 28-pound dog.1 During this period the dog excreted 81 % of the fluoride through the kidneys and bowels. Of the fluoride detected in the dog when they then killed it…

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One Response to Fluoride in The Body – What it does

  1. It’s ironic that tobacco is loaded with fluoride. Why isn’t anyone ever told this? Fluoride is “the aging factor”. If anyone needs another fluoride ion, all they have to do is smoke a cigarette. Furthermore fluoride is absorbed sublingually every time you brush with a fluoridated toothpaste or use a fluoridated mouthwash. Studies prove this by showing an increase of fluoride in the urine two hours later. There is no need for anyone to be drinking it in their tap water. Water fluoridation should have ended immediately after they came out with fluoridated toothpaste and fluoridated mouthwash.

    According to the Physician’s Desk Reference, the mucosal lining inside the mouth has an absorption efficiency of over ninety percent. Because of this, fluoride and other contaminants can get into your blood, your brain, and your cells in no time at all.

    The most significant flaw in fluoride research is the failure to account for the inhalation, mucosal, and dermal exposure to fluoride compounds. It invalidates all dosage conclusion based solely on ingestion. How do they think sublingual Vitamin B-12 or nitroglycerin tablets work?

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