Chemtrails and the Stratosphere: how manipulating the stratosphere can have a huge impact upon our weather patterns

A Conspiracy So Monstrous



Anyone who has undertaken even a modicum of research into the aerosol programme will be fully cognisant of the fact that the majority of the trails are laid at very high altitude, way up in the stratosphere. Believe it or not, much of the weather we experience at the surface – on the terra firma – is generated in the higher reaches of the earths atmosphere. As above, so below. The stratosphere cools during the winter months, when there is not enough sunlight at the poles to heat the ozone. This, in turn, creates large temperature differentials which power and drive the polar jet streams. As it so succinctly explained on the website:

This imbalance creates a large pressure difference and combined with the Coriolis effect, creates a large strong jet stream, circumnavigating the globe in the stratosphere in an eastwards direction. This system is known as the…

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One Response to Chemtrails and the Stratosphere: how manipulating the stratosphere can have a huge impact upon our weather patterns

  1. sdnhy says:

    I’ve been watching chemtrails here in California for the past two years and after doing research on what was being sprayed I had come to this conclusion as well. It is obvious when you look at the facts and look at our chaotic weather patterns that the course of the jet stream has been radically manipulated. I assumed that the Barium was a shield of sorts against solar radiation. The fact that aluminum was a compound in the spray got me thinking that aluminum would not be so much a deflector but would actually absorb the suns heat, thus heating up the atmosphere and pushing the jet stream around causing major weather pattern changes across the country. This is extremely disturbing and frightening when you stop to think of the millions of lives affected and THREATENED by these extreme weather pattern changes. California’s drought, for example is in my opinion very likely a direct result of Chemtrail spraying-I have seen the trails almost on a daily basis over our state for several years now, and I am certain it has affected our weather drastically and in such a way as to have driven storm systems away depriving our state of vital rainfall thus making water a valuable commodity for SOME to profit from.

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