The Possible Smart Meter-Autism Connection


by: Dr. Craig A. Maxwell


smart_meter_autismYou may have heard the term “Smart Meter” in connection with your electricity but aren’t quite sure what the fuss is about. Thousands of people in multiple states are opting out of their use in their homes. The radiofrequency radiation emitted by Smart Meters have been linked to autism, sensory processing difficulties, EMF hypersensitivity, infertility, and cancer.


Why Smart Meters are Replacing Analog Meters


At first glance, a Smart Meter looks similar to your current analog meter but it’s actually quite different. An analog meter measures your energy usage and needs to be read by a meter reader who physically comes to your home. It emits no radiation. A Smart Meter, however, gathers information about your energy usage and transmits this information wirelessly via radiofrequency radiation.


Many analog meters have been quietly phased-out and replaced without customers even being aware any change has been made. It may surprise you to know that since 2012, 30 million Smart Meters have been installed throughout the United States. This type of phase-out is very similar to the incandescent light bulb ban.




The consensus is that Smart Meters and fluorescent bulbs are being made to decrease energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. But at what cost to your health?


Electromagnetic Fields Linked to Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders


The electromagnetic fields produced by Smart Meters, cell phones, and microwaves have been scientifically-linked to autism and other sensory processing disorders.

According to a study published……………………

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