Night Vision Goggles Reveal Plentiful UFOs [video]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Now that’s entertainment. I keep saying I’m going to get some goggles and a laser. What a fabulous way to spend an evening outdoors. I’ve posted some of this same video before but it’s such good footage it bears repeating. I hear pure joy.

Right there are a few people who won’t be surprised or unhappy about disclosure. They’ll be lining up for first contact.

That power-up was incredible and the Baghdad clip was interesting, too.  I’m sure the Galactics keep a close eye on the war zones. 

It goes to show you that just because we can’t see something with our naked eye doesn’t mean it isn’t there. 

As David Icke explained recently, humans can only see a narrow light spectrum. Anything outside that is “invisible”.  Makes you wonder what else we’re not seeing, doesn’t it?  ~ BP

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