Das: U.S. Playing with Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction!

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  • Das: U.S. Playing with Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction! 
    by FS Staff, 01/24/2014, http://www.financialsense.com/ 
    Satyajit Das, a derivatives expert, former banker, and author of numerous books, explains why the U.S. has the upper hand against foreign nations and other emerging markets due to its very powerful arsenal of “financial weapons of mass destruction.” In this recent interview, Das explains the big picture behind the recent sell-off in emerging markets and the problems foreign nations face with significant U.S. debt holdings.

    r. Das, you’ve recently written a number of articles on the fundamental, and somewhat counterintuitive, supports for U.S. power around the globe. Tell us, why do feel the U.S. is not on the verge of a major collapse or decline as some claim?

    People have been pronouncing the death of the American century for as long as I can remember. In the 1980s…

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