Fluoride debate: Paul Connett’s Closing statement

Open Parachute

Yes, this is the absolute, guaranteed, final statement from Paul Connett in this exchange. It responds to Ken Perrott’s last article Fluoride debate: Ken Perrott’s closing response to Paul Connett?

For Paul Connett’s original article see – Fluoride debate Part 1: Connett.

A final attempt to bring this debate back to science.

The structure of this posting.

 Part A.  A few introductory comments

 Part B.  Ken’s claim that the Hastings trial was not “fraud” but bad science

 Part C.  Major issues that have been avoided or poorly addressed

  1. The difference between concentration and dose
  2. The need for a Weight of Evidence analysis – especially on fluoride’s impact on the brain
  3. The need for a Margin of Safety Analysis when harm has been found at a certain level
  4. A margin of safety analysis for lowered IQ
  5. Bottle-fed babies: a special case
  6. Osteosarcoma: politics versus science


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