Al-Qaeda: The Best Enemy Money Can Buy! The Terrorist Group is Winning the “War on Terror,” With Globalist Backing!

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  • Al Qaeda, as we all know, is really the CIA! It is the terror arm of the western Illuminati! Al Qaeda (literally the “database”) is simply the list of names of the mujahideen, jihadists, criminal thugs, mercenaries … under the employment of the CIA! The financing, training, equipping, arming, target selection, objectives, management, logistic supplies …. are all done via western Illuminist intelligence agencies, chiefly the CIA!
  • Al-Qaeda: The Best Enemy Money Can Buy
    by Paul Joseph Watson,
    The terrorist group is winning the “war on terror,” with globalist backing.
    Recent reports that Al-Qaeda militants have taken over parts of Iraq serve as a stark reminder that the United States has for decades played a crucial role in both directly and indirectly aiding in the spread of terrorists around the Middle East and North Africa as a Machiavellian tool of neo-colonialism. There’s a very good reason why…

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