11 Examples of Illuminati Numerology

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thank you Richard.

The Illuminati culture is drenched in the occult and there is never just one reason for anything they do, it seems. Every action is intricately woven in a web to trap the unwary and it takes a sharp and dedicated individual to unravel their motives and methods. They love to brag about their plans in clues provided before they perpetrate their dastardly acts. ~BP

Thank you, Kevin.

Kevin Barrett has given us a fascinating article on Illuminati numerology. I quote:

When Captain May first told me it was no accident the Illuminati picked September ELEVENTH for their big human sacrifice, I thought he was out of his mind. He pointed out: “There are 911 days between 9/11 (2001) and 3/11 (the Madrid bombings), a notable fact, made all the more notable by the fact that 9/11 and 3/11 are numerically connected in another way:  the first numeric…

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