!!!!! UPDATED: Down the Rabbit Hole, by Robert J. Miller

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

JeanUPDATED by ~Jean

Permit me to say that as an editor I failed Robert. The story he wrote is terrific, but it was not the story I introduced. The story I introduced never actually materialized — for any number of reasons, which I do not think it necessary to state here.

In my mind, the thrust of the story hinged on establishing the ETs as a viable entity, even to those new to the subject. To understand the larger story, the very complex ET factor had to be explained in detail in order to be accepted without question, even by people who were on the edge of believing. Then the idea was to move on to Judy Wood’s research and point out the facts of the controversy over her work – as Robert did so well. 

The story I thought he was going to write, however, would have gone further…

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