MSNBC Pundit Calls On Obama to Govern by Decree!

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  • As I have mentioned before, the Satanic script for America appears to be the 1930s Nazi Germany! As Germany was used to start WW2, America is being transformed and prepared as the protagonist for WW3! The lying snakes in the MSM, Illuminist social engineers, are selling out America to serve the western Illuminati!


  • MSNBC Pundit Calls On Obama to Govern by Decree
    by Paul Joseph Watson, 
    Academic who compared Eric Holder to Moses demands raft of executive orders
    MSNBC pundit Michael Eric Dyson has called on Barack Obama to dispense with an “obstructionist Congress” and instead pursue his agenda via an aggressive raft of executive orders.

    “Well the president has got to do this… Look he’s got three years left! Don’t be a lame duck! Stand up, show the kind of spine that you display when you’re sick and tired of being you know, uh treated…

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