Subcutaneous microchip/microchip implant : the ultimate threat for humankind !


                                           Applied Digital Solutions’  “verichip”…




1. Introduction



    Electronic chips became so “ordinary” nowadays that we don’t even think about them anymore. They are everywhere : in our calculators, our computers, our household appliance etc.


    For a couple of years, we also have been finding them on our bank cards, social security cards, credit cards and even…on our identity cards ! Microchips that are very close to those that are spoken of in this article are also implanted under the skin of animals, which contain medical data (name, vaccinations etc.); they also allow to identify them, to localize them, to track them so that you can find them back by satellite when they got lost or escaped.


    In one word, what was yesterday part of science-fiction is reality nowadays…


    But let’s go on with the thought : if one succeeded implementing that technique on animals,   

    why couldn’t we do the same thing on human beings ?


    This is technically and technologically possible, anyway. Of course, we have legal, moral and ethical rules and also the Human Rights (that are flouted every day) to “protect” us… But are those fences truly sufficient and efficient ?


    A priori, the hypothesis of a microchip implanted on humans on a huge scale could be thought as pure paranoïa… But after the reading of this article, maybe you’ll change your mind. What was being prepared – without our knowledge ! – fortunately appeared, and a nightmarish scenario will – MAYBE ! – be avoided thanks to us, thanks to YOU, if you react in time! So, GET UP ! Today, the time has come to act for you, for your children and for future generations, or this planet will soon be crowded with zombies that will be guided by the will of those who will have implanted them the microchip…


    And now, please read this article till the end and let it help you make up your mind. The choice is yours… Yet, I hope that you’ll choose to move, because the things we’re going to talk about are happening HERE AND NOW!

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