ANYONE REMEMBER? Breaking – US and UK Prepare for War and Implementation of De-population program.




Cameron and Obama warn of ‘serious response’ to Syria attack

The UK and US have threatened a “serious response” if it emerges Syria used chemical weapons on Wednesday.

With the region having been successfully de-stabilised over many years by the Illuminate we have reached meltdown. Obama has crossed a red line here and this could be the worlds most devastating misjustice. What we have to remember is these people are discussing our lives and what they are going to do with them, hang on, I better repeat that “OUR LIVES”, again “OUR LIVES” got it yet? We are hoodwinked from the maternity ward to the Crematorium and on the back of these current discussions in a dark wooded comfortable warm pristine office, decisions will be made that will kill people far away in the dust dirt blood and snot ridden grounds of America’s current killing field atrocities.

No-one is going…

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