Creepy CIA and DHS Involvement With Modifying Hurricanes and Climate

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon


Comment: :  Ionospheric heaters like HAARP were already in development prior to 1958 as weather modification and weaponization.  Aerosol deployment was also in development but on a smaller scale until circa 1992 when the USAF began using stratospheric aircraft to deploy massive amounts of aerosols to compliment HAARP, Tesla arrays and a growing global arsenal of electromagnetic weapons made more lethal by deployment of conductive and plasma conducive aerosols ie: “chemtrails”(article) Rep. Dennis Kucinich submitted HR 2977 in an attempt to outlaw space and atmospheric weapons in 2001 but the legislation died. (more)
An item barely covered in the media was initiation of a weather and Hurricane modification program headed by the Department of Homeland Security (?)  In 2009 the DHS was funded to modify tropical cyclones by deploying aerosols inside the storm’s circulation.  The program goes by the label “Operation HAMP” (Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program)…

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