TWA Flight 800: 736 Eye-Witnesses Saw A Missile Hit the Aircraft

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Like 9/11, the government and media tell you that eye-witness testimony is unreliable. You are a Conspiracy Theorist.

 In a court of law, a single eye-witness to a crime is successfully relied on to be very believable    In this case we have 736 eye witnesses who, independently, witnessed a missile hit the Boeing 747.

Flight TWA 800

The FBI and third party accident investigators, said it was caused by a gas tank explosion due to a spark from a damaged wire.  But not everyone believes that, and producers of a new documentary on the crash, appropriately titled TWA Flight 800, aim to prove that the second deadliest plane crash in U.S. history wasn’t an accident at all, but that it was shot down.

Their line-up of credible experts is pretty incredible, too. The three men actually worked on the initial investigation. *** continue

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