Interview With Pilot Confirms Military Seeks to Weaponize Weather

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Powder Contrail Generator-US Navy

Complete Patent in PDF


Interview with Weather Weaponization Pilot, Ben Livingston Confirms Military’s Agenda


joe-golden-DHS Operation HAMP Header

“Dr. Golden helped conceive and was one of the P.I.’s in the new Hurricane Aerosols and Microphysics Project, which was funded by the Dept. of Homeland Security for 2009-10. He has also co-authored 2 new hurricane research publications resulting from that project.” (source)  

Golden played a significant role in the development and proposal-review phases of both the NEXRAD and AWIPS programs in NWS.  He was asked by the Deputy Chief Scientist, Dr. William Hooke, to join that Office as Senior Meteorologist in 1989. In 1991,  he was asked to assume the role of Director, NOAA Atmospheric Modification Program(AMP) in NOAA’s Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research.  Dr. Golden managed the AMP Program with six States and the Navajo Nation until its termination by the Congress in 1995.  (Golden’s Bio…

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