Chemtrails and the Conspiracy of Stonewall Silence Within 13 Government Agencies

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Climate Mafia US Agencies-square

A 5-part video sponsored by investigator, Cliff Carnicom reveals how federal agencies, congress and the senate can ignore valid scientific investigation on the issue of atmospheric pollution.

The history of covert weather modification is a deep rabbit hole beginning “officially” in 1966 when NASA enrolled all federal agencies into a weather modification program that quickly came under the department of defense as a weather-weapons program.

Civilian government agencies of unelected officials and bureaucrats became indistinguishable from the agenda of the military industrial complex where secrecy is now a job requirement  for agencies like NSA, DoD, USAID, NSF, NOAA, USFS, FAA, DOC, DOI, DHS, NASA, EPA, DOT, DOE, NWS, DOS, NIST, NSF, NHC, CIA, UN, NTSB, DHS, FEMA, Smithsonian and TV News weather meteorologists. (source)

Cloud Cover – 1

Cloud Cover – 2

Cloud Cover – 3

Cloud Cover – 4

Cloud Cover – 5


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