Agenda 21 and the Steady-State Techno-Corporatocracy: an introduction

Once upon a time, we worried about a possible New World Order. A plan to create a One World Government. We read books and watched films that gave us glimpses of what was coming. These days we can feel it is already here, as each day the tales of tyranny come thick and fast.

Big Brother breathes hotly down our necks.

Yet still there is much dis-unity among us, a fragmentation of interests, which leaves us vulnerable to the whims of those who would control us. Going forward, exposing Agenda 21 must be our focus . . .  because there’s a lot more to it than most people realise. Its aim is to replace our current system with (what will be called) a steady state economy. Every single profitable aspect of nature is being priced, in preparation for this system – food, land, water, carbon, the ocean, the atmosphere, soil formation, nutrient cycling, biomass, genetic resources, and, yes, even the tourism value of ‘a nice view’ is being priced – this is but one of many intangibles which are said to have value in the economy, and includes a variety of aesthetic, cultural and spiritual ‘services’ provided by nature.

The Global Alliance of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities on Climate Change against REDD+ and for Life are living proof of the effects of this system, and proclaim the green economy to be

….. nothing more than capitalism of nature; a perverse attempt by corporations, extractive industries and governments to cash in on Creation by privatizing, commodifying, and selling off the Sacred and all forms of life and the sky, including the air we breathe, the water we drink and all the genes, plants, traditional seeds, trees, animals, fish, biological and cultural diversity, ecosystems and traditional knowledge that make life on Earth possible and enjoyable. 

….. Under the green economy, even the rain, the beauty of a waterfall or a honey bee’s pollen will be reduced to a barcode price tag and sold to the highest bidder. At the same time, the green economy promotes and greenwashes environmentally and socially devastating extractive industries like logging, mining and oil drilling as “sustainable development. (Source)

However, Agenda 21 has even more sinister aims…….

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