FBI Uses Photoshop to Implicate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Boston Marathon Bombing

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Comment:  Many thanks to investigative reporter Ralph Lopez for his extra effort in revealing what has to be called a False Flag operation to deceive the American people.  Credible alternative media reporting like this is causing corpse media to lose their declared war of disinformation in an effort to convince dwindling audiences that our president, congress and supreme court represent legitimate and constitutional federal government. – HWS

Digital Journal headerKey FBI photo of Dzhokhar shows evidence of Photoshop Special

May 29, 2013
The photograph released by the FBI alleging to show Boston bombing suspect Dzohkahr Tsarnaev fleeing the scene without his backpack shows clear evidence of being a composite image made with software such as Photoshop.  This reporter went to the scene of the photograph and took pictures for comparison purposes, shown below.  *** continue
Dzhokar Tsarnaev yellow hat FBI photoshop

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