More and more I find myself having hope…

But not the kind you might think.

You see, I keep hoping that this whole 2012 Hopi/Mayan/media prophecy of world-wide destruction or “change” actually comes true – that it will shake off the infestation of greed, hypocrisy, sheer bloody ignorance, and a complete lack of empathy that has plagued the people of this earth. For everywhere I look, I am reminded of these common traits that now define a “civilized society”. These traits are praised and incorporated into the business-plan of government and private industry; a cold and calculated machine made of flesh and bone without emotion or substance. And the hardest reality of all is the lack of humanity shown as a side-effect of it all – an uncaring absence of action or empathy based on nothing more than the appearance of greener pastures to replace the used, abused, and irreplaceable…

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