Here comes the TERMINATORS

One Million Robots: Our Replacements Have Arrived

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Nicholas West
Activist Post

In the ongoing debate as to whether robots will help or hurt the job market in the U.S. and overseas, some concrete answers are beginning to appear.

Foxconn is a Chinese electronics manufacturer of mobile devices and gaming consoles. The company has been the target of negative news lately about work conditions that have led to mutiny and suicides. They are a supplier of Apple, Kindle, Xbox 360 and others, so the spotlight has been shining.

Now it seems that Foxconn would like to replace these troublesome humans demanding rights and fair pay with robots.

The first fleet has arrived …

Foxconn’s plants have the population of entire cities; the largest is known as “Foxconn City” and is estimated to have upwards of 450,000 workers and covers 1.6 square miles. The Foxconn plants are together responsible for the assembly of 40% of the world’s consumer electronic products. What happens at Foxconn should signal a trend for what is likely to happen elsewhere. (Source)

As Singularity Hub reports, Foxconn’s president Terry Gau did not hide the fact that his company was seeking to replace parts of his human force with robots; he indicated last year that he intended to replace 1 million workers within 3 years:

It appears as if Gou has started the ball in motion. Since the announcement, a first batch of 10,000 robots — aptly named Foxbots — appear to have made its way into at least one factory, and by the end of 2012, another 20,000 more will be installed. (Source)


International pressure on Foxconn seems to be a valid excuse for human replacement rather than actual fundamental policy changes. Globalization and outsourcing have forced American companies doing…………………..

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