• Obama’s Lying Past Exposed By Law Enforcement In MS Court Submitted/Signed Affidavit
  • Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 3:54 PM Subject: Obamas lying past EXPOSED by law enforcement in a court submitted/signed affidavit.
    Fellow Patriots: If you have ever taken the time to read something, I beg you to read the below & Especially read the legal affidavit below submitted on 9 NOV, under penalty of PERJURY to the Mississippi court that Obama and many others are charged with Criminal RACKETERING.
    What follows is a link to the affidavit signed on Nov 9th, 2012 by retired Maricopa county, AZ, police lieutenant Mike Zullo that provides all of the PROOF that any reasonable person would ever need to show that Obamas entire past is a TOTAL lie, that the HI Dept. of Health was deeply and irrefutably involved with Obama in a CRIMINAL RACKETEERING CONSPIRACY (RICO) trial now ongoing in MS, and that was part of an ILLEGAL and TREASONOUS PLAN that was and is designed to present a FRAUDULENT & TOTALLY ILLEGAL fable of who Obama is and was used to DECEIVE the American people and DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN.
    If you want to read the truth folks, here it is.

    Note: this affidavit has been submitted at the RICO trial that is ongoing in Mississippi…

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