Searching for the truth!

Hi my name is Allan. I began a this journey over ten years ago. For me it was always about making a difference for the future of my children and grand children. I could see that our planet was in deep trouble and I wanted to make people aware of the consequences of what we were doing. In the beginning, I was led to believe by people who I thought really cared about us all, that certain things were happening and that it was going to lead to the collapse of our civilization. I bought into these lies time and time again. However as I went down the “rabbit hole” I began to see that the world as we know it is an illusion base on lies and deceit. That people we thought we could trust are not what they appear. My goal here is to here is to make the average person see that our world, as we see it is an illusion just like a magic show. We do live in the matrix and want to show people what it  is. I hope all of you who find my blog share it with others. I have collected so much information that it is mind boggling and want to share that with you. I hope I can present this information in manner that most will understand because it is important that we all see the lies that have trapped us in this matrix. We are all brothers and sister and together if we work as one we can change the world and wake up from this nightmare. I search for truth wherever it may lead me.

I live by one commandment only.

“Don’t do onto others, what you don’t want done to yourself”.

Let the search for the truth to begin. Let us begin this journey together,from far and wide, for we have all been touched by these lies and deceit.


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